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Photos...   Say...  Alot...
Photographers Outspoken
Welcome to psa NOW...  Photographers With a Purpose
If you’re looking for the facts as they appear about what's going on in the society, then you've found the right place. 

...Have you ever wondered if you're the only person that feels this way? 
...Would you like some possible answers to why the photo society is doing the things it's doing?
...Why are the changes in the photo society making it difficult for you and me and the exhibitions?
...When is PSA going to make the Society more compatible with it's membership?
...When is education, quality, fun and friends, going to take a front seat with the photo society?

You'll find it here but from a very different perspective.   Everyone here has the opportunity to tell it like it is. Or at least like it is to you and your fellow photographers who are the backbone of the photo society.  

You can add your thoughts by forwarding them to me - BUT remember - everything here is going to be signed unless it is negotiated with me!     Bob Ginn   

You found it!

Now we can all have our voices heard within our photographic community of photographers and worldwide exhibitors.