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Photos...   Say...  Alot...
"Street Photography beyond Vivian Meyer"
Find out how Vivian Meyer has effected the photojournalist.  She satisfied herself with her photography...but what are the pro's reading into her images.  Will we ever really know?
"PSA's first book contest"
How will it fare?
How is this new contest division being handled with 38 book entries from 6 different countries.  Those of you attending the PSA Conference in Yellowstone will have a first hand look at the work, creativity, and care that went into these works of art.
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Some Basic Things To Keep In Mind!

This list is from a 1990 seminar with Dennis MacDonald, APSA, and Robert Ginn delivered at the annual PSA Nashville, TN conference. There were 75 – 80 people in attendance at Opryland for this presentation.

What follows is a list of basic ideas to keep in mind when shooting any photo story where your job is to show something (anything) without a single word, and yet say it in a clear and definitive way! This order of ideas is not the same as the paperwork given out in 1990 at the PSA International!

1)Shoot a subject which you enjoy.
2)Do what you know something about.
3)Travel light; too much junk and you miss THE photo.
4)Be seen, be open, and don’t sneak around.
5)Don’t let the camera work you – work it.
6)Don’t rush it – limit what you shoot to visuals.
7)Look around you all the time.
8)Listen carefully, and anticipate.
9)Smile – Unless you want serious people in your photos.
10)Talk to your subjects – It does help.
11)Be Flexible – all tracks have at least two or three rails.
12)People are the center, but not all of the story.
13)Get closer - a shorter lens may serve you better.
14)Toss out the camera’s case.
15)A lens cap will always get in your way.
16)LOOK like you belong there, clothes wise.
17)Don’t alter a story by your presence.
18)Shoot the story – Don’t be the story.
19)Feel something – if not then look around more.
20)Leave or stop; learn that feeling of when you need to go!

What’s Coming!

There are a currently a number of bits and pieces in the works for psaNOW and I hope to post at least two of them online each week – So check back and see what rings some bell in your head in matters of PSA and photography.

1)      What’s going on at the PSA Yellowstone gathering: From the meetings to the exhibitions to                 what’s new being sold by Gary Farber of Hunt’s – our longtime supporter of PSA…

2)      Why don’t many USA based members enter foreign shows?

3)      Why is it that the Journal’s “On My Mind” column is never about photography?    

4)      The great advantages of using the educational opportunities from Jon Fishback at PSA! 
          How  can they be expanded?

5)      Why do so many photos used by PSA, both on the PSA web site and in the PSA Journal, look           like they belong in the Plumbers Society of America site. Is there 

6)      Is it time to consider bringing the PSA annual international exhibition HOME to have it run by               headquarters, and make it more prestigious!

7)      How is PSA going to deal more efficiently with the growing effects of photo based “meet-ups” 
         in the US, and the world? 

8)      There are times when it looks like the old kid’s game of Musical Chairs on a number of the                 boards within PSA - the Divisions and the Directors – and why in this time of rapidly declining             membership numbers does this continue?

9)      What groups should PSA link with other than FIAP, RPS, APS and such…?

10)    Why are so many PSA meetings secret (they call it ‘closed’) and the minutes of most all of the            meetings never posted in full for you, the members, to read?

11)    Is this finally the time for the PSA Journal to open its pages which are more useful in today’s              diverse and hyper-visual world of photography, where most people always have a camera with          them and want to make better images?

12)     There are 22 more pieces in the works by me, and 4 by other members at this time – 
           so take the time to write something for this site: It’s for us all!
           If you want to make a comment or ask me about something other than what you see here 
           and which is about any PSA or photography related areas of concern then take the time to                email me at