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DISJOINTS:  Disconnected ideas and quotes about the photo community!

“A third third and a third is still a third part of what?”

Change seems to be the ordinary operation of camera clubs, but is there any progress?

The Board positions are actually caretaker circumstances – The real holder of that seat is the general membership of this, and any society.

So many judges and speakers at camera clubs seem to immerse themselves in the thick fog of ambiguity – not just in one arena – but universally. They lead so many new shooters astray.

PSA needs to become the architect of photographers whose work transcends the ordinary!

Vivian Maier is curious today, but one needs to separate the hype by the tinny profiteers from the content of the work the woman made:  There is no firsthand evidence on the why or the intent of the shooter, no matter what some are telling us today.

Digital was considered by many on the Board of Directors in 2010 as what would save PSA:  I still feel digital only saved PSA for a time.   Look at what’s happening!

“Beauty forms no part of the concept of art.” Arthur Danto

PSA needs to respond to the welter and waste in the disheartening outcomes by its US members when they enter the international exhibitions in a foreign country.

But: It was me who sailed and you who remained!

There is an ongoing and real need to fulfill the hunger for meaning in our images.

What do so many of us see?   A void, or a vista of opportunities?

The Book Contest - The best thing to come down the pike since cell phones and digital.

A number of great thinkers have said that the largest stumbling block to creative thought and progress in our society today is the secretiveness and the military.

“A third third and a third is still a third part of what?”

Everyone out there has a camera! Does anyone have any ideas?


I will be updating through out the 2015 conference, reviewing shows and related events at Yellowstone - with photos!    I will update the features offered here as I have the time to do so through out the weeks - so check back and see what many of us think about our community which is shrinking day after day!

The below are some of the areas or situations (with some potential solutions to these problems) which are being worked on for use on this web site by supporters of PSA who are outside the hush-hush meetings of management:

1-Why is it so few American PSA members enter foreign show any longer and not do as well on average as non-USA based photographers? There may be a reason for this increasing problem, which has been going on for over a decade, and an easy answer!

2-Why are there so few North American Shows being offered for you and other PSA member exhibitors to enter these days?  

3-Why has the membership in PSA fallen for 25 years and continues to do so under the current management? PSA had over 19,000 in 1990 and is currently under 6,800! It is falling monthly on average! When is management going to make the needed changes to stop this trend?

4-Why are there so few educational opportunities at the yearly PSA conference which present new opportunities for you the members?

5-With the loss early this year of the biggest supporter of PSA exhibitions (Wade Clutton, HonPSA, FPSA) why has the management of PSA not taken actions to fill the major gap in services he gave to so many for so long?

6-With the upsurge of “street photography” over the last 4 years, following the nation’s exposure to Vivian Meier’s work, why has PSA offered almost nothing to attract the millions who do this type of work?

7-Can a management team of STEM people make the needed changes?

And a great deal more is in the works! If you have something to say, or to suggest about PSA or photography in general, then take the time to contact Bob Ginn, the gatekeeper of this site at Every item on this site will have some sort of attribution, unlike the Journal.
Some Serious Thoughts

You have a lifetime to learn technique. But I can teach you what is more important than technique, how to see; learn that and all you have to do afterwards is press the shutter.

Garry Winogrand